Terms and Conditions

All Bookings

As responsible tourism providers, we want to minimise our impact on the park and environment, therefore we try and limit our tours according to demand.

Individual Bookings

Minimum number of two required, phone us for availability. Singles can join an existing trip.

Group Bookings (10 persons +)

We go any day you require that we are available. Large groups may prefer a full boat charter. This trip is suitable for: Anyone; young or old, who is into something special and an amazing day out marvelling at nature’s glory.
Cancellation Policy:
If a customer cancels 12 hours or less before departure no refund will be given. If a customer cancels between 12 and 24 hours before departure a 50% refund will be given. If a customer cancels 24 hours or more before departure a full refund will be given. If Eco Tours cancels a sailing due to bad weather we will give a full refund.
Conservation Donation:
We donate $2 from every full paying adult client who partakes in the guided walk portion of the tour.
Terms and Conditions
Safety and responsibility:
Safety is our ultimate priority, we have hazard managed all aspects of your experience with us and our guides are fully trained in safety and hazard and crisis management. Participants should however be aware that we is unable to guarantee your safety on trips. Before commencing a trip, all participants must sign a medical form which states risks and responsibilities. For participants under 16 years old, the form must be signed by a parent or guardian (18+).
Follow instructions:
Participants must follow the instructions of our guides at all times.
GOLDEN FUTURE TOUR – Low level of fitness required, the optionalguided walk is an easy 1.5hr stroll, if you are unable or willing to participate, you are welcome to stay on the beach and relax. Ability to board and exit vessel on beaches is essential. Unsuitable for wheelchairs. Recommended age 0+ PROMISED LAND TOUR – Moderate level of fitness required, up and downhill sections, formed tracks, uneven surfaces and river crossings. This is a walking tour so you will be required to stay with the group. Unsuitable for wheelchairs. Recommended age 7+. TASMAN TREASURES TOUR – Low level of fitness required, short walks along well formed tracks. Boarding and exiting van. Unsuitable for wheelchairs. Recommended age 0+. PHOTOGRAPHIC TOUR – See Golden Future Tour
Drugs and alcohol:
You are permitted to bring your own alcohol to have with lunch if desired, but we require that you consume responsibly. You will not be allowed to participate if suspected of being inebriated by drugs or alcohol.
You will not be insured by Abel Tasman Eco Tours. We recommend organizing your own insurance before you travel.
Medical conditions:
Any medical conditions, injuries or allergies must be disclosed upon booking.
Special needs:
Any special need must be disclosed upon booking. Please note: Existing medical conditions and/or special needs do not necessarily exclude participation. Please contact us to discuss.
Right to refuse:
By informing you of the difficulty and nature of our products before you arrive and at the time of booking, we take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are fit and equipped for the activity you have signed up for. However, on the day, if your guide feels that you are unfit or underequipped for a particular portion or the entirety of the tour, we reserve the right to refuse your participation for the sake of the rest of the participants. If you are refused for the entire trip, we will give you full refund as per our cancellation policy. If you are refused for a portion of the trip, no refund will be given and an alternative solution will be offered.
Under New Zealand law it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to sue anyone in the event of an injury. New Zealand’s Accident Compensation scheme provides limited assistance for injury. Visitors to NZ are strongly recommended to have full insurance covering injury, illness and cancellation. Any outdoor activity entails inherent risks and dangers; all Abel Tasman Eco Tours activities are undertaken using site specific safety plans and/or have undergone a rigorous risk assessment which ensures that these risks are minimised, these can be viewed on request. We deal with safety using stringent protocols and use a high degree of skill ensuring the safety and welfare of all participants. We will not however accept liability for loss, injury or damage sustained by a participant in circumstances where such an event could have been avoided by the exercise of reasonable care.
Complaints Policy:
Your full satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If you have a complaint or comment about your experience with Abel Tasman Eco Tours, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will endeavour to rectify your complaint if a reasonable solution is available according to our policy or provide an explanation for any actions we or our staff may have undertaken.
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