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Abel Tasman Eco Tours – FAQ’s

Your customer experience is important to us. We want to provide the right service for your needs. Hopefully we’ll be able to answer your question on this page. If you can’t find the answer here then please CONTACT us and will get back to you as soon as we can!
Why join a tour instead of just getting a water taxi?
You see much more of the park this way, there is no time pressure, so we are able to enjoy things at a relaxed pace, your guide is an expert on the local wildlife and ecology, you don’t have to worry about catching a boat.
Will I have time for a swim?
Our bay is blessed with clean water and our tours are designed so that there’s plenty of time for you to enjoy a swim at a world class beach on the Golden Future Tour, plunge into the magical waters of Riwaka Resurgence on our Tasman Treasures or dabble your feet in the Wainui river on our Promised Land Tour.
How long is the walk?
Depending on your physical ability, we have a tour for you! On our Golden Future boat tour you can choose to walk from 1.5hrs to 10 minutes; alternatively you can just relax on the beach. Our Promised Land tour involves a more vigorous walk, 4 hrs return, the track is well formed, however there are a few creek crossings that we can help you over. We have limited spare walking poles if required. Our Tasman Treasures Tour has no long walks, and many short forays into stunning locations on purpose built tracks and boardwalks.
What’s so special about the Promised Land Tour?
We take you to a place where no other commercial activity happens; this is where the locals come and play. The forest and bird life is outstanding and you will have a most memorable day. Combine this with our Golden Future tour over two days and we will shout you lunch both days!
What’s so special about the Tasman Treasures Tour?
This is the tour we take our friends on! It’s a very cool insight into the local area and you enjoy being driven and just take in the views. No stress = 100% fun!
Where do we find you?
All of our trips start and end at the Boat ramp in Marahau, parking is at the northern end of the tractor park. You can also arrange to be picked up from your local accommodation FOC. Please see our Map page to see where we go and where to meet us.
What wildlife will we see?
You will see more wildlife on our tours than with any other operator, from the smallest diatom to the largest dolphin or seal, we are passionate about all things natural and do our best to blow you away with the diversity of the area. We cannot guarantee anything in particular but we have the best idea where to find things and you will never fail to be surprised by what you see.
What should we wear?
Comfortable outdoor clothes are recommended, we cannot guarantee good weather every day and cotton clothes do not dry (especially jeans), so try to avoid wearing them. Always bring an extra layer, sun protection. Sturdy footwear is essential for the Promised Land tour, trainers will suffice for the Golden Future tour. Expect to get wet feet at the beach, so flip flops / jandals also advisable.
What’s included in the tour?
6-6.5hrs of inspirational immersion in nature, history and inspirational stories. We serve hot drinks and a sweet snack for morning tea (lunch is an optional extra). $5 of your ticket is donated to conservation in the park.
Where does my Conservation Donation go?
We donate part of every ticket to various conservation organisations in the park who use it for weed and pest eradication and species reintroduction. We also donate our services for research projects and wildlife relocation.
What if the weather is bad and the tour is cancelled?
Please see our Terms and Conditions page for our full cancellation policy, we will however endeavour to make things right and offer you a suitable alternative or reschedule for another day.
Where should we stay while on your tour?
Please see our Links page for accommodation recommendations to suit your taste and budget.
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