Our Carbon Output Calculator

At Abel Tasman EcoTours, we take our environmental footprint very seriously.  We endeavor to be sustainable with all of our activities.  We have calculated the total and average Carbon Dioxide output per person per trip.  Obviously the carbon output per person depends on the number of passengers on that particular day,  so we have taken an average figure,  and based our carbon offset on that,  as we tend to have a few very quiet trips in the winter,  and lots of busier trips in the summer.

Petrol CO2 Calculation: (Taken from EcoScore.be website.)

1 litre of petrol weighs 750 grams. Petrol consists for 87% of carbon, or 652 grams of carbon per liter of petrol. In order to combust this carbon to CO2, 1740 grams of oxygen is needed. The sum is then 652 + 1740 = 2392 grams of CO2/litre of petrol.

Our calculations

Average Fuel consumption per person x 2.392kg = Average CO2 output per person per trip

Average Total Fuel consumption per trip x 2.392kg = Average CO2 output per trip


How many Trees do I need to plant per 1kg of CO2 emitted?

This is a tough question!  CO2 sequestration is measured per hectare as Tonnes per CO2 Equivalent (tCO2e), and changes depending on the tree species, the level of maintenance, and the time period.  We founded the Abel Tasman Tree Collective as a way for our regions visitors to contribute to habitat restoration.  All of the projects that we contribute to, are set up as native restorations, maintained by groups and land owners for the long term.  Bearing this in mind the CO2 equivalents for 1 ha of native trees in Aotearoa are:

Year 1 0kgCO2e

Year 2 100kgCO2e

Year 3 2900kgCO2e

Year 4 10,000kgCO2e

Year 5 21,000CO2e

Year 6 29,000kgCO2e

There are approximately 800-1,000  trees per hectare.  Therefore taking an average of 900 trees per hectare and dividing the total per hectare by that, 1 tree sequesters approximately.

Year 1 0kgCO2e

Year 2 0.1kgCO2e

Year 3 3.2kgCO2e

Year 4 11.1kgCO2e

Year 5 23.3kgCO2e

Year 6 32.2kgCO2e

Estimated Total Carbon Dioxide Sequestered over 6 years is 69.9 kgs per tree.  This number will increase incrementally over the trees life which could be hundreds of years.


The estimated price of a native tree, raised, planted and maintained for 6 years is $4.  $1 from your ticket goes directly to planting a native tree.  If you would like to balance your carbon footprint for the boat trip, we recommend donating a further $3 to the Abel Tasman Tree Collective when purchasing your ticket to ensure your carbon is offset. Feel free to make a bigger donation if your budget allows!

Future Plans

Our aim is to set up a Carbon  certified restoration area so that our business is completely carbon neutral. Our purpose for planting trees is not just for carbon sequestration, but habitat restoration, water filtration, native fish spawning habitat, education and action projects for our school kids. Every dollar received for any of our chosen causes ticks a multitude of these boxes.