Stew Robertson – Director


Stew Robertson is the founder of Golden Future. Originally from Scotland; he has lived and worked in the Abel Tasman area since 2002 and has transformed his passion for the area and the environment into a career. Marahau and the Abel Tasman National Park are the backdrop for his operation showcasing the magic of this incredible region.

Stew has many years of commercial boating experience, holds a Diploma in Marine Studies from the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and a BSc (biological sciences) from the University of Waikato and is a certified scientific scuba diver.

Keen to give something back to his home in Tasman Bay, Stew set up Golden Future Conservation Tours. Merging his fields of expertise, Stew is now an environmental educator, sharing the wonders of science and the beauty of the Abel Tasman with the public from his boat ‘Zeehaen’.

Stew loves nothing more than sharing his passion and knowledge of this idyllic region. Book a tour with Abel Tasman Eco Tours and experience the slice of heaven that is the Abel Tasman National Park.

Besides being a tour guide and educator, Stew also assists in co-ordinating community snorkelling events in the park. See our facebook page for the latest news and photos! . He assists in conservation projects such as relocating rare native birds, research and pest control programmes.  He also consults with other companies on their ecological interpretation as well as conducting under-water scientific field work throughout New Zealand. He has also co-ordinated clean-up events both above and below the tide in the waters of the Abel Tasman.

Stew sits on the board of:

Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust

Tasman Bay Promotions Association

Wilderness Canoe Trust

Outside of work, Stew loves hanging out with his wife and kids,  is an assistant coach at Motueka Judo,  practices Sakura Kan Jujtsu,  yoga, DJ’s at parties and generally loves having any sort of fun with his mates.

Stew has made it onto the prospectus’s of both Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and University of Waikato.


Fay McKenzie – Head Guide

We were very excited to welcome Fay MacKenzie to the crew in 2015, our first ever member of staff.   You will meet Fay on  ‘Promised Land’ and ‘Tasman Treasures tour’s.  She is an amazing guide with vast outdoor experience.  The park is her playground and she has also worked in the Wainui Valley as an outdoor education teacher at Motueka High School.  We are very lucky to have a guide of this calibre,  helping to take us to new heights in the eco-tourism world.

Outside of work Fay loves  getting into the outdoors with her family, mountain biking,  is a soccer coaching advisor, RPM fitness instructor and a top jammer in the Sirens of Smash Roller Derby team.  So don’t mess with this chicky.


Helen Forsey – co-director / admin

Apart from being Stew’s long suffering wife,  Helen is a force to be reckoned with.  She expertly balances her duties within the company with full time study,  family,  sports and hobbies.  Helen has just completed a Health Science degree majoring in environmental monitoring.  She is also a qualified naturopath and personal trainer.  She balances the books,  manages the finances and man’s the phone.  It is probably Helen you will speak to if you give us a ring.

Outside of work Helen is most happy when on holiday in some hot country with nice food, in the garden,  running all over the place or doing pirouettes on her roller skates.  She is also an amazing roller derby jammer,  although she’s focussing more on artistic skating at the moment,  but swears she’ll go back to the team after she pulls off her first triple axle!


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